Joslyn Dollar is an up and coming singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN, and she fronts the Americana/Country band Joslyn Dollar and The Ruckus. Joslyn is from Des Moines, Iowa and has always had a passion for singing. Singing and humming her way through daily tasks and singing herself to sleep every night, Joslyn was never without a song in her head or on her lips. Joslyn found her passion for songwriting and country music while attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville. She took songwriting classes and bought a guitar and has been studying, writing, and playing music passionately ever since.

Her musical influences span several different genres and you can hear those influences (R&B, Pop and Soul) accumulated in her country sound. She integrates her own personal experiences into her songwriting and focuses on conveying authenticity and emotion in her songs. Joslyn released her first EP in May 2017, and with touring and song placements on internet radio she is gaining new fans every day. The EP was produced by David Taylor at The Facility Nashville. Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc!